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Uninsured Services

    Some of Services are not covered by Alberta Health Care. Here is some examples:


    • Hepatitis Vaccinations.
    • Insurance form Completion.
    • Transfer of medical records.
    • Office visits without a valid health care card.
    • Medical Exams with a valid health care card.
    • Drivers Medical Examinations (Non Senior).
    • Treatment of non-planter warts.
    • Employment Insurance forms.
    • Pregnancy Leave Form completion.
    • Canada Pension Plan for completion.
    • Medical-Legal report completion.
    • Attending Physician’s Statement.
    • Disability and Benefit form completion.
    • Blue Cross Special Authorization form completion.
    • Canada Revenue Agency Disability form completion.
    • AISH Form Completion (Assured Income for the Severely Handicap).

Written by Northgate Centre Medical Clinic

Northgate Centre Medical Clinic as one of Whitecoat Services Ltd. clinics is pleased to serve you and your family.